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Active Christians Today continues to be ACTIVE!

In the seemingly apocalyptic age of the worldwide pandemic ACT (UT/BG) continue to meet with students providing the hope we have in Jesus! We wanted to give you a quick update and share a few stories of what the Lord is doing at UT and BG.

The BGSU Ministry just wrapped up another semester! Our final gathering of the school year is affectionately called THE ROAST. We eat a decisions home cooked meal served on real dishes (not paper plates) in our home. It’s one of the highlights of the year! After dinner we gather in our living room and take turns putting everyone in the hot seat. Everyone has a few minutes to tell the person in the HOT SEAT how much we think of them. There are lots of tears shed, especially for our graduating students. Our BGSU students are currently going through finals week. At our BG ACT we typically do not have any planned meetings or activities during finals week (though we may change that to follow what Scott does at the UT ACT). We look forward to starting up our weekly summer gatherings in just a few weeks. We also challenge students to read through the New Testament in 90 days over the summer break (3 chapters a night). We offer our house up for local students to join us in person as well as providing a link to join remotely. Contact us if you would like to join!

The UT ACT Ministry enters their finals week on Monday (May 2). Scott is providing a wonderful gathering during finals week called the Stress Relief & Comedy Night PLUS Dinner! ACT at UT is providing a variety of Christian comedians and comedy playing throughout the ACT UT Campus House. Hear from great comics like Tim Hawkins, The Skit Guys, Michael Jr, Bone Hampton, Chonda Pierce, Jeanne Robertson and more!

Here we are beginning to say our goodbyes for the semester as we close out our final Bible Study night of the year! Our final worship time is on Sunday and our Stress Relief Comedy Night next Wednesday will end our ACT UT school year.

Thank you for praying and supporting what the Lord is doing in our ministries at UT and BGSU.

Thank you for your faithful prayer and financial support!

Scott & Karen Weaver, Michelle & Don Williams, and Julie Myers!

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